2013 > The Chrome Contortionist

sculptural painting
Redondo Sunburns
oil, acrylic, flashe vinyl paint, papier-mache, aluminium foil, foam, thermoformed plexiglas, wire mesh, canvas on wood structure
12.5' x 3' x 8.5'

Redondo Sunburns, a maelstrom of color akin to the force of a cataract. The rushing force of a wave met with the occluded fuzziness of vision. Becoming-Frazzled in a sinuous space of fuzzed-out perception.
Predicated on the antinomies of a surging wave and the arid coarseness of a cat's tongue, the force of a cat lapping water lies somewhere between delicacy and bluntness, positions Redondo Sunburns' affective states.